Best movie collector software reviews

Best collector software Features
Manage all DVDs without typing. All information is downloaded to your movie database routinely. Directly arrange your lists on every field, e.g. alphabetically by the title, director or field, or by the year. Outlook the DVD covers thumbnails, download cover pictures or utilize the integral TWAIN scanner support.

Movie collector: Detailed features

Categorize your movie collection: adding up items to the movie database is fast and simple, simply type the movie title and then scan the DVD barcode along with your scanner. Movie collector will mechanically download all information (director, producer, field, studio, etc... as well as list of an actor and the cover pictures). The data is get back from different movie database websites on the internet (just like the internet movie database). 

Movie collector

Outlook and search the movie database: formerly you have added many DVDs to the list; you can observe it on the major screen. It is probable to explain an easy list of all the movies, but you can too classify your movie collection by variety, director or actor, etc. By using the regular folder mark. All catalogs can be sorted immediately, only by clicking the column headers or by means of the sort order screen. You can arrange on every field, e.g. alphabetically on label or title, or sorted on the release date or buy date. Utilize the quick search feature to get all movies that have the word you type, or utilize the advanced filter command to look for in precise fields, still many fields immediately. 

Print lists: Lists of your favorite movies can be printed in some way you desire. The Print mark permits you want which movies to be printed, which fields to demonstrate and in what array to list them. Printed lists are perfect for insurance reasons, or to get with you to the store up.


How to turn off excerpts so that your readers see your full post without having to click

I think excerpts are useless, but that's just me :-)

Here's how to turn off excerpts so that your blog shows the full text of your post without having to click:
1. Login (
2. Click on Settings & Security
3. Click on Posts
4. Uncheck Auto-generate excerpts
5. Click on Save Settings

Blogware supports podcasts - just attach your MP3 file to your blog post

Blogware supports podcasts out of the box. Just add the MP3 file of your podcast to a blog post as an attachment and have people subscribe to your RSS feed with their iPodder software.

Informal Blogware BOF at BloggerCon?

If there are any Blogware-ians at BloggerCon (other than Ross and I of course), let's get together for an informal BOF outside of Stanford. I will be in the Palo Alto area from mid afternoon Thursday 4th November until Sunday 7th November mid November. Contact roland AT or call me at 604 729 7924 or grab me at the pre-conference dinner at Ming's or the post conference dinner at Jing Jing.

HOWTO: Receive email updates from a Blogware blog

Did you know that readers of your blog (or you yourself) can get email every time your Blogware blog updates? Great for email junkies who haven't started using RSS.

Thanks to our fellow BC'er from Salt Spring Island, Larix Consulting, for writing this great Howto: Signing up to receive e-mail updates from a Blogware-powered blog.