ecto is an offline composing and editing tool that works with many weblog systems, including Blogware. These instructions show you how to setup ecto with your Blogware blogs. ecto has many features, but this post will focus on the setup process.

You will of course need to first download ecto. It is not a free product, but you may trial it for two weeks. Once it's downloaded, launch the application. On first launch, it automatically goes into the account wizard, or you can select from the Window -> Accounts menu. Click on the "Add" button, which will slide out this first screen:

ecto to Blogware how-to screenshots

As you can see, I've already filled out the necessary URL. This URL is the same for all Blogware blogs, regardless of which reseller you use or what domain name you have. Fill in "" and hit "Next".

2004:05:13 12.03.03

You should see this next screen, with "Movable Type" already filled out as the System drop-down menu option. Access Point will be blank, so simply fill in the same location again, "https:://".

2004:05:13 12.03.24

This screen is where you need to fill out your Blogware username and password.

2004:05:13 12.03.45

You can enter any name you want here. Since this controls every Blogware blog that is linked to the username and password you entered earlier, it's probably best to just call it "Blogware".

2004:05:13 12.04.06

I'm actually not sure if these settings will apply to Blogware. I'll update this post after some more testing, so just leave them at their default settings for now.

2004:05:13 12.04.17

Here's the friendly notice from ecto that everything looks OK, so you can go ahead and hit Finish.

ecto - select Blogware blog

Now that you're setup, you can access all of your blogs through the "Weblogs" drop-down in the main ecto screen. As you can see, I have two weblogs connected to my username, "slinternal" and "StreamLine". The checkmark is next to StreamLine, which means that is the currently selected blog. The categories at right will change to reflect whatever the active blog is.

That's it. You're now setup to post to Blogware from ecto. Please feel free to post any questions or problems you encounter.