I still think Blogware is the best way to share photos on the Internet (and StreamLine is still a happy Blogware reseller. But since I last wrote about Flickr (disclaimer: I know Caterina and Stewart who happen to be in Vancouver but even if I didn't know them, I'd still be recommending Flickr), Flickr has become totally focussed on photo sharing.

And the Flickr crew is cranking out excellent and highly usable features.

Things that they have added that I like:

  • Notes
  • Creative Commons licensing
  • Mac and Windows Uploader Programs (still a bit rough but it'll get there)
  • tags (easy to use categories)
  • 1GB of uploads per month (I take a lot of pictures)
  • Post photos via email and mobile phone
  • RSS feeds for everything
  • Calendar views
  • Post your photos to a Blogger, Blogware, MovableType, etc. blog
Things that need to be added for mass market acceptance
  • multiple email addresses for posting via email and mobile phone (so I can have one for public and one for private photos)
  • backup to CD or DVD (what happens if Flickr goes out of business, heaven forbid?)
Things that need to be added to satisfy my inner geek (but aren't needed for mass acceptance) :-) :
  • RSS feeds per tag
  • Clean and friendly URLS (just say no to blah.gne?x=303030)
  • The ability to have the photos under my URL (e.g. rolandtanglao.com/flickr/photos/roland instead of flickr.com/photos/roland)
  • Some way of specifying tags per email in the body or subject of the email itself.
  • The ability to post photos to Manila blogs (for VanEats)