StreamLine announced today that it is offering free blogs to all the
2004 Canadian Federal Election Candidates in cooperation with >Tucows,
suppliers of the Blogware, the premier wholesale weblogging service
for ISPs and Webhosting providers.

"Weblogs live at the intersection of democracy and technology. Tucows
is pleased to work with Streamline to bring the power of this exciting
new medium to all candidates in this important election. There really
is no better way for candidates to work with their constituents to
forge a consistent vision of the important issues." said Ross Rader,
Director of Innovation and Research at Tucows.

"Weblogs are the best way to engage politicians and Canadian Internet
users in two way conversations about the upcoming election. This is
one of the best ways to foster the informed debate and discussion that
keeps our democracy healthy and vital. It is an honour for StreamLine
to act as an enabler for Canadian democracy." added Roland Tanglao,
Head Blogger at StreamLine.

For more information, check out our blog post on eligibility and how to 
get a free Blogware blog for your 2004 Canadian Election candidate.

As I checked out the excellent BlogsCanada  directory of Canadian Federal Election 2004 candidate websites yesterday looking for "real blogs" with RSS files for MPRating, I realized that the only way to get the candidates to blog would be to do something disruptive.

Here's our offer: free Blogware.

The Fine Print

  1. This offer is valid until June 21, 2004.
  2. This offer applies to all Canadian Federal Election 2004 candidates all candidates in BC as well as the first 50 (in total not from each party!) applicants from outside of BC.
  3. Your blog is FREE until July 31, 2004. After that, you must pay StreamLine $89.99 a year for the blog or it will be deleted but don't worry, it's very easy to archive the blog on your website.
  4. You must put a prominent link to the blog on the front page of the official website for the candidate
  5. You (campaign staff or the candidate) must update the blog with original content (not just repurposed content from elsewhere) once every 48 hours. An example might be to use the blog as a kind of campaign log or diary. Don't need to write a lot; frequently updated content even if it's only one or two sentences keeps people engaged.
  6. StreamLine reserves the right to suspend your use of the blog upon failure to comply with any of the above conditions.

StreamLine will:

  1. Offer free email support on how to blog and how to blog using Blogware.
  2. Set up your blog at a URL of your choice either at the Blogware domain or your candidate's domain e.g. or
  3. Set up the blog with a default template with your party's colours, logo and your photo.