If you haven't already, go check out our new venture, Bryght.

What is Bryght? Bryght is all of the following:

1. "The Salesforce.com of community content"
2. Content Management System + Community Blogging System + Email + DNS + Domain Name Registration + much more (see oufeatures page for more details)
3. A hosted website service for communities, corporations, organizations and individuals built using the open source Drupal system

What is the relationship between Bryght and StreamLine? None, other than the fact that I work on both :-) !

Seriously, StreamLine continues to resell Blogware blogs to individuals and Bryght is focused solely on hosted Drupal sites (with domains, email and DNS as well).

Why Blogware blogs? Because Blogware is still the best individual hosted blog service out there.

Why Bryght? Because Bryght is the best hosted website service for communities.

Did you know that readers of your blog (or you yourself) can get email every time your Blogware blog updates? Great for email junkies who haven't started using RSS.

Thanks to our fellow BC'er from Salt Spring Island, Larix Consulting, for writing this great Howto: Signing up to receive e-mail updates from a Blogware-powered blog.