Most people that have entered the wonderful world of aluminium cases will know that beige drives look horrible in the front of their very nice brushed silver case. There are a few ways of overcoming this problem and it is my job to show you how to go about 'Stealthing' your drives. This guide is aimed at those who are slightly dubious about cutting up their expensive drive plates, and the following is my method.

The drive plates that come with most CoolerMaster cases have a few parts that must be removed for stealthing to be successful. These parts can be seen in the picture above, the two large sides with the screw holes for holding them in position and a slightly longer top edge. I believe the Lian Li drive plates are similar and the technique shown in this guide should be roughly the same for Lian Li drive plates.

Aluminium is a reasonably soft metal and can be scratched very easitly, and we don't want to have a scratched drive plate in the front of our case do we. I cut two short blocks of balsa wood from a long strip i had in my box of bits. I chose balsa because its a soft wood and won't mark the metal.

I then set up the drive plate in the vice held by the blocks of wood as shown in the picture above.

Always remember to wear eye protection when using power tools, I am sure you don't want to have to be visiting the hospital rather than modding.

After preparing my multi-tool with a cutting disc I proceeded to cut off the side to the same level as the shortest edge (hopefully ending up with the same depth side al the way around).

Don't forget to cut slightly back from the line so that you can neaten off the cut with a file.

Before I started filing the edge I turned the drive around in the vice so that it was easier to file, after you have finished filing it back don't forget to remove all the filings with a soft brush.

Repeat the process on the other side and you should be left with 3 sides of the drive plate the same depth. Now is the time to take a break and have a kit-kat.