Amen! I'd take a company more seriously that blogs useful info TODAY about a new product in an informal, human voice than a company that produces a fluffy, zero information, ponderous, overly messaged press release tomorrow (or a week from now).

From Radiant Digital ~ Bright Ideas in Marketing and Technology: Blogs vs. Marketing and PR:


I would agree that the Blog/RSS combo will revolutionize the field. Think about it for a second. If you spend any time on the web, you'll invariably come across an intriguing service, sign-up, and take it for a quick test drive. Assuming it makes the usefulness cut, what's one of the first things you do next? For me, it's browsing the support forums, company website, and onto the Blog! The point is, savvy users have come to expect a company Blog for product updates, support issues, FAQs, pricing, and other information. So, depending on how long it takes for a company's marketing and PR practitioners to mobilize and create press releases, update websites, and alert business partners, you're customer might be reading your competitors blog. Why? Because your competition had their blog queued up and ready for a synchronized launch just as the product was released and it's loaded with useful, timely information. Early customers are commenting on the product, technicians are responding to support requests and discussing features, and a hotshot journalist has already picked up on the Blog buzz and written a story. Have you released your press release yet?