controllerMotion sensing video game controllers are very popular, but most gamers want to use Batarang for bashing their enemies.

The Accessory titan Power A designed a console controller similar to Batarang. It throws weapon in the arsenal of DC Comics crime fighter and the truth is that it has been in the market for some time now but it did not hit until this year.

Batarang controllers made it in the market with the release of Batman video game. If the gaming accessories are created by American-based firm, then it will definitely be a big hit.

Video games always make use of a gaming controller that would allow user to shoot and punch the opponent. John Moore, the Power A divisional vice president said that controllers are here to stay. It will not go away no matter what.

Nintendo is a premier company and through this company video games have opened its door to casual gamers as the company launched Wii console way back in 2006. Last year, Microsoft adds more features with their Xbox 360 consoles. It adds gestures and voice control to Xbox 360 and it was followed by motion-sensing feature of Sony PlayStation 3.

Motion controls have been very successful in hitting the market. There are millions of Kinect and Move devices and this has lead to increasing numbers of gamers. Most of these gamers are ruled to titles that need to use buttons, toggles, as well as other features that are commonly seen in a traditional controller.

Kinect is amazing for it brought people into gaming even though they are not into video gaming before, according to Moore.

But I strongly believe that people want to have a controller that they can kick back and play. The sophistication of gaming consoles has paved way to various multiplayer games. As the number of gamers increases, the demand for controllers also increases.