seoMany people who write blogs seem to be unaware of the search engine optimization process. Many people are aware of the SEO techniques but fail to make use of them regularly in their blogs.

It is important that all bloggers get to know what SEO is and use the techniques to promote their blogs and boost traffic to their sites. It is one of the online habits that need to be inculcated and run on a regular basis similar to brushing one’s teeth. When one writes a post, they need to remember to use keywords as well as include pictures as it will help to attract new readers and drive traffic to their site. Such everyday activities will prove right for one’s online websites and help a blogger to be successful in their ventures. Here are some tips that bloggers will find handy to promote their site.

The first step is to incorporate images into the information that is added to a blog post. Nowadays more and more people are making use of Google images to increase the meaning of the posts that they add. It is best to use keywords to add images on blogs which audiences will search for.

The next step is to choose the right keywords based on the interest of the audience. There is a free keyword tool that Google provides. This tool comes in handy when sentences are framed and titles, texts, tags and labels are added to blog posts. It is important to blog on a regular basis as that helps to boost online traffic and improve the ranking of a blog.

Last but not the least is the use of inbound links that need to be used on all posts. The more inbound links one can add, the better results one will achieve. It is also good to seek link backs which lead to increased traffic to associated sites and increases number of readers as a whole.